A Louisiana Legacy


After 12 years of neglect, the local community decided something must be done to rescue this historic treasure and others from disappearing along the River Road. In 1968, citizens formed a group and petitioned American Oil Company, now Amoco about the plantation. In January of 1969, a society charter was received from the State of Louisiana for the River Road Historical Society. American Oil willing to turn the property over to a non-profit group interested in preserving the house, deeded the house and approximately four acres of land to the River Road Historical Society in December of 1971. The River Road Historical Society rescued and restored the home. Due to outstanding community interest and support, the society acquired more land and other historical buildings. The site is still growing today with the mission of interpreting the history of Louisiana and the story of Destrehan Plantation.

Mission Statement

The River Road Historical Society, doing business as Destrehan Plantation, is a small non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve historical buildings and to educate the public and provide field trips to students so they may educate themselves on the history of Destrehan Plantation and the families who lived there free and enslaved.


If you would like to become a member of the River Road Historical Society you can download their membership form here.

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