A Louisiana Legacy

Enslaved Registry

Attached are the enslaved registries provided to us by the St. Charles Parish Court House. The original documents written in French have been transcribed to English.

The lists (.pdf format) are as follows:

Slaves included in the 1782 Sale of the plantation by Guillaume Guignan to Robert de Logny
Inventory of Slaves in the Estate of Antoine Robert de Logny, 1792
Slaves Purchased by Stephen Henderson from the Estate of Celeste Robin de Logny, the Widow Jean Destrehan, 1825
Slaves included in the Succession of Stephen Henderson, 1838

The U.S. Census Enumeration from 1840 to 1860 for Judge Pierre Rost does not provide the names of the enslaved. We know from the enumeration, by 1850, there were 210 slaves on Destrehan Plantation.

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